15 Best Patagonia Accounts To Follow On Instagram

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Follow these accounts on Instagram so that you can experience Patagonia.

Since the rise of social media, remote regions like Patagonia have become more accessible – even if it’s just through the lens of a camera. With terrains ranging from ocean, glaciers, steppes, lakes, mountains and forests, Patagonia has some of the most jaw-dropping scenery in the world. Whether you’re interested in a trip to Patagonia or you just enjoy looking at impressive nature landscape photos, here are the best accounts to follow in Patagonia to see this majestic part of the world in all its glory.

The Best #Patagonia Hashtags to Follow

  • #PatagoniaArgentina
  • #VillaLaAngostura
  • #Bariloche
  • #Descrubrivla
  • #RutaDeLosSieteLagos
  • #TravelPatagonia
  • #SanMartinDeLosAndes
  • #CapturandoNeuquen

Top #Patagonia pages and accounts to follow in 2021

santi - arevelo - on - instagram - photographers - in - patagonia

With an eye for capturing epic drone moments and a passion for the area, Santi Arevelo shares some of the most stunning photography in the Bariloche region. Based out of Villa la Angostura, Santi is a content creator that has photos ranging from artists to landscapes to the epic 2020 eclipse. 

If you want to see some of the best photography in the Bariloche region, follow on Instagram, check out his Vimeo Channel or see some of his documentary style work for ISV here.

Follow @Santi.Arevelo here.

Based out of Villa la Angostura, Juan Calo uses drone photography to emphasize the beautiful landscapes and reflective waters of the area. From reels to photos, you’ll get to immerse yourself into the birds eye view of the Villa la Angostura area.

Follow @jotacalo here.

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Based out of San Martin de Los Andes in the province of Neuquen, Gus Arias knows how to bring out the eye popping colors of this region of Patagonia. From animals to landscapes, you’ll get to see some of the most beautiful spots in the area.

Follow @GusAriase here.

Neuquen is one of the most beautiful provinces in Argentina. With iconic landscapes, it’s a photographer’s heaven. This account curates some of the best photos from photographers in the area.

Follow @capturandoneuquen here.

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Based out of Bariloche, Gaby Chavez is a talented photographer who not only takes photos of scenery but has a talent for capturing human emotion. As a bonus, you get to see adorable dogs with a backdrop of Patagonia. What’s better than that?

Follow @gabychavez86 here.

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A husband and wife team that show some of the best views of Patagonia from the north to south. From the El Calafate to Bariloche, you’ll be blown away by the contrasts of scenery.

Follow @silvestre.sere here.

From Ushuaia to El Chalten to Puerto Madryn to Bariloche, this account curates photos and videos from the entire Patagonia region.

Follow @respirapatagonia here.

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Based out of Villa la Angostura, Alejo Rodriguez is a fly fishing enthusiast who shows big catches, tranquil rivers and lodges throughout the region.

Follow @alejorodriguez here.

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An account that curates the best of the best of Villa la Angostura. A town known as the “Southern Caribbean”, this account shows plenty of crystal blue waters.

Follow @villa_la_angostura here.

Bringing out the color and beauty of Patagonia, Diego has a talent of showing the details in his photography.

Follow @diegoenelcamino here.

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Based out of Bariloche and a passion for trekking, you’ll get an inside look at some of the best trails in the Patagonia area.

Follow @brunogrande95 here.

best - hotel - in - patagonia - and - bariloche - region

Las Balsas is one of the most iconic hotels in Patagonia. This account shares not only the rustic vibes of the area, but information on sustainability, flora and fauna in the area.

Follow @lasbalsas here.

Offering a clean, simplistic look to the beauty of Patagonia, this account makes you feel like you’re breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Follow @patagoniha here.

As a mountain guide, Gaston offers some stunning, detailed photos of the mountains, lakes and trails of Patagonia.

Follow @aires_de_montania here.

best - accounts - to - follow - on - instagram - in - patagonia

This is us! We love to share the beauty, culture and lifestyle of Patagonia. From interviews with local businesses, commonly asked questions about travel and what to do in Patagonia, we share inside insights to help you plan your trip.

Follow @insituviajes here.

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Whether you are looking to connect with nature or get the thrills of a lifetime, Patagonia has it all. Spend your morning doing yoga in the forest and afternoon riding dirt bikes around the Andes, the opportunities are endless. If you’re interested in exploring Patagonia, but you don’t know where to start, send us a message. We’d love to help you plan your wild Patagonian adventure.

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