20 BEST Things to Do in Villa La Angostura

20 Best Things to Do in Villa la Angostura

If you’re traveling to Northern Patagonia, Villa la Angostura is the perfect home base to explore the 7 Lakes Region. A small, picturesque town located an hour drive from the San Carlos Bariloche Airport in the province of Neuquen is ideal for getting the most out of your trip to Patagonia. From Villa la Angostura, you can explore the region and come back to a safe, quiet town that is the essence of the Patagonia lifestyle. 

Traveling in Patagonia is more than just incredible views, it’s a lifestyle. A place of quiet, calm that let’s you embrace your outdoor side while in rustic luxury. 

From Villa la Angostura, you are not only driving distance from many of the top attractions and towns in the Bariloche region, but there are many things to do in Villa la Angostura itself! 

Let’s explore the best things to do in Villa la Angostura: 

1. Go on Epic Hikes

where to go on hikes in villa la angostura

Patagonia is made for the hiking enthusiast. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, you can experience some of the most impressive views in the world. 

There are a variety of free trails in the area, but the best trails are inaccessible without a guide.

With options for half-day, full-day and multi-day, you can check off bucket-list worthy hikes in the area. 

Discover more about Hiking Trails in Villa la Angostura.

2. Dine at an Authentic Patagonia Parrilla

what to eat in patagonia go to parrilla in villa la angostura

For many travelers, trying Argentinian grilled meat is on the top of their to-do list and the parillas in Patagonia offer some of the best grilled meat in the country.

In Villa la Angostura, parrillas take the form of rustic cabins, where you can eat local produce and local meats such as lamb, salmon, trout, beef or deer.

Chop Chop Patagonia is a fantastic place to try for the cozy, authentic Patagonia experience.

3. Sail the Lake at Sunset

sailing the lake in villa la angostura

Experience an epic Patagonia sunset – from the water while you sip champagne. 

You’ll be captivated by the deep blue water of Lake Nahuel Huapi and surrounded by the Andes mountains. These trips are small enough to be calm, but large enough to cross-paths with other like-minded travelers. 

Book a Sailing Trip with ISV. Contact us today. 

4. Breathe in Nature with a Yoga Class

do - a yoga class in villa la angostura patagonia

Whether you are more Tai-Chi or Yoga, taking a class in the middle of the Patagonian forest is a must-do. 

Consumed by the smells, sounds and energy of one of the most remote places in the world, you’ll connect with nature in a pure and authentic way. 

Book a Yoga Class with ISV. Contact us today. We’d love to answer your questions.

5. Tour a Craft Beer Brewery

drink - craft - beer - in - patagonia

Argentina is very well known for its wines, but there is a craft beer scene in Patagonia that will impress even the toughest beer critics. 

As a rustic, mountain town, Villa la Angostura has its fair share of places to taste, sample and indulge in cool craft beers. 

One of the many places to try a locally brewed beer is Ataliva Brewery. A small town bar with it’s own tiny brewery in the back. Stop by and have a pint.

6. Catch a Prize Sized Fish

go - fly - fishing - in - patagonia

Villa la Angostura has some of the best fly fishing in the world. 

During the summer (December to March) Fly Fishermen come from all over the world to catch rainbow trout, brook trout, salmon and more. 

Whether you want to spend your entire trip or a half-day experience, you’ll get to fish in a beautiful place, surrounded by nature and without other fishermen around. 

Discover Fly Fishing tours in Villa la Angostura.

7. Hit the Trails...By Bike

go - biking - in - villa la angostura - patagonia

When in Villa la Angostura, you will see individuals and groups of bikers in any season.

Whether you’re an ametuer biker or expert, there’s a trail for you in Villa la Angostura. Each year thousand of bikers attend races in the area. 

This town is made for the outdoor enthusiasts.

Discover Mountain Biking Tours & Excursions in Villa la Angostura.

8. Discover the Past with the Historic Tour

Walking the streets of Villa la Angostura will have you thinking you made a wrong turn and ended up in Bavaria. 

After World War II, Germans immigrated to the town and the influences are seen in the architecture and food. 

Take the Historic Tour to learn about the natives who’ve lived the land for centuries and the transformation that took place during the 20th century.

Book a Historic Tour with ISV. Contact Us Today.

9. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

the - european - influece - behind - the desserts - of - patagonia

Villa la Angostura is famous for its beautiful scenery, charming Swiss architecture, and out-of-this-world desserts.

You can’t throw a rock without hitting a sweet shop. From chocolate to cake to ice cream, you’ll get to slow down and taste some homemade delicious treats.

10. Get Pampered at a Luxury Spa

go to the spa in villa la angostura

The essence of Patagonia is to relax and connect with nature. After a day of hiking or kayaking, you can end the day being pampered in rustic luxury.

Las Balsas is a quiet, exclusive and luxurious spa with an infinity pool, sauna and massages. Gaze out onto the lake with a glass of wine in this dreamy location.

Contact us for our exclusive spa packages.

11. Embrace Your Inner Artist

cali - art - in - her - studio - practing - sustainable - art - practices

It’s difficult to look at the beauty of Patagonia and not be inspired. Throughout the region, you’ll find painters, woodworkers and designers, who create stunning work that represents the area.

On your trip, you can create with local artists in their studios. Whether you are experienced or a novice, you can turn your experience into artwork. 

Contact ISV to book a private or group art class.

12. Ride Horses with Gauchos

ride - horses - with - gauchos - in - patagonia

The gauchos of Argentina are world-renowned for being incredibly skilled horsemen. A trip to Patagonia isn’t complete without experiencing the mountains and lakes by horseback. 

Whether you want to spend the day or half-day, you’ll get to embrace your inner gaucho as you ride through the Andes mountains.

Browse Horseback Riding Tours in Villa la Angostura.

13. Explore the Arrayanes Forest

The Arrayanes Forest is the most iconic spot in Villa la Angostura and a must-do while in the area. 

It’s said that Walt Disney came here and was so inspired by the trees that he created the script you may recognize as ‘Bambi’.

Whether you go by boat or trek, this is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Contact ISV to book a tour of the Arrayanes forest.

14. Pick Up Unique Patagonia Keepsakes

coiron - has - handcrafts - and - fashion - that - represents - patagonia

Stroll through the main avenue ‘Arrayanes’ to pick up regional products. From jams to leather, you’ll find a mix of goodies you’ll be proud to take home.

If you want to mimic the Patagonia style yourself, stop by Coiron to browse leather, wool and other handcrafted products and fashion of Argentina.

15. Paddle the Waters on a Kayaking Adventure

book - a kayaking - trip - in - villa la angostura - tour agency

This isn’t your normal kayaking trip. This is a true adventure. Throughout Lake Nahuel Huapi, there are various islands that can only be reached by boat. 

Following an experienced guide, you’ll paddle through some of the most picturesque views in the world.

Water so deep and so blue you can see the bottom and surrounded by calm, beautiful mountains. This is an unmissable and unforgettable experience.

Contact ISV to book your kayaking trip.

16. Drive Ruta de Siete Lagos

drive - the - ruta - de - los - siete - lagos - in - villa - la -angsotura

Fun fact: If you were to get on Route 40 and drive straight North, you’d make it to California in about 6000 miles. 


This iconic part of the world famous route – Ruta de Siete Lagos – is a stretch around Villa la Angostura, San Martin de los Andes and Bariloche. 

You could spend the day, stopping at the various lookout points and taking Instagram worthy photos. 

If you’d like to go with a guide or book a rental, contact us today.

17. Trail Run With the Best of the Best

trail - running - in - villa - la - angostura

Villa la Angostura isn’t just a place to run. It’s a place to train. Although there are trails for the passive runner, the terrain and inclines of the area are made for experienced runners.

Groups and individuals from around the world travel to this region every year to pack a training session into a vacation. 

Interested in training while in Villa la Angostura? Contact us to run with one of our expert guides.

18. Drink Mate on the Beach

beaches - in - villa - la - angostura

When you picked Patagonia, you were probably thinking more mountains than beach. But the magic of Villa la Angostura is you can do both. 

During the summer, you can relax on the beach looking out at crystal blue water…while surrounded by mountains. 

If you really want to immerse yourself into the culture, pick up some mate and enjoy it by the water. 

19. Discover Natural Wildlife on a Birdwatching Tour

birdwatching - in - villa - la - angostura

Patagonia is wild and remote, which means there is an abundance of wildlife. From birds to foxes, you can get in touch with the flora and fauna of the region. 

A combinations of hiking and bird watching, your guide will show you some of the incredible species that habitat this area. 

Book a Birdwatching Tour with ISV.

20. Go Skiing & Snowboarding at Cerro Bayo

go - snowboarding - and - skiing - in - cerro - bayo

Cerro Bayo is the ski field in Villa la Angostura. During the winter season (July & August), you can shred snow while looking out over Lake Nahuel Huapi.

From beginners to experts, the mountain is available for all snow activities such as tubing, skiing and snowboarding.

Book your Ski Pass, Transfer, Classes and Equipment for Cerro Bayo through ISV. Contact Us Today. 

Explore Patagonia with ISV

ISV is a Tour & Excursion Agency committed to making sure you get the most out of your Patagonia experience. 

With excellent customer service and a passion for excellence, let us design your complete Patagonia Itinerary. Click below to contact us today.


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